Just Culture Collaborative

The LAPS PSO Just Culture Collaborative is a project of Louisiana hospitals seeking to optimize the use of Just Culture principles to improve organizational safety culture. The goal of the Collaborative is to provide an in-depth understanding of Just Culture principles and to facilitate the adoption of those principles in achieving a robust safety culture in a learning organization. Similar to the Project ECHO format of “All-Teach, All-Learn,” the Collaborative will foster an environment of collaboration, learning, and innovative inquiry in order to achieve its goals. The Just Culture Collaborative is an initiative of the LAPS PSO in partnership with the Texas A&M Rural and Community Health Institute Patient Safety Organization; therefore, all participating hospitals will need to be, or become, a member of the LAPS PSO for this collaboration.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Collaborative, contact LAPS PSO Executive Director Dr. Flip Roberts at 225-928-0026, ext. 206 or Quality Coordinator Angela Lockhart at 225-928-0026, ext. 223.