Louisiana Surgical Quality Collaborative (LaSQC)

Launched on Oct. 3, 2019, the Louisiana Surgical Quality Collaborative (LaSQC) is an initiative of Louisiana hospitals seeking to measure and improve the care of surgical patients throughout the state. Each participating hospital on their journey to improve safety culture will work to implement or enhance its surgical checklist. The goal of the collaborative is to achieve universal participation of the surgery staff, and the initial focus of the Collaborative is building change management skills relative to the adoption of the surgical checklist. Originally planned to be a one-year project ending in October 2020, the LaSQC collaborative has been extended into 2021. Phase II of the LaSQC will include site visits and coaching, best practice sharing, and LEAN management tool to help improve team processes from learnings from debriefs. In addition, the re-assessment of culture survey will occur later in the year.

The LaSQC is a collaboration between the Louisiana Alliance for Patient Safety (LAPS) Patient Safety Organization (PSO) and participating hospitals. The LaSQC was established in 2019 and was partially funded through generous grants from Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana and the Louisiana Hospital Association Education and Research Foundation. This funding significantly reduced financial barriers for Louisiana surgeons and hospitals wishing to participate in, and benefit from, the program.

Mission & Vision:

LaSQC is a collaborative learning community that aims to optimize quality and safety and reduce costs by improving surgical care and fostering provider professional development across practice settings. LaSQC’s objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a collaborative, non-competitive environment in which clinicians, allied healthcare providers, and healthcare administrators around the state can gather to promote the delivery of surgical care that is safe, efficient, effective, equitable, and patient-centered;
  • Developing a platform for comparative benchmarking of member-defined performance measures;
  • Disseminating evidence-based guidelines and facilitating site-specific implementation strategies; and
  • Providing a forum for individualized feedback and continued performance improvement.

The LaSQC seeks to continually improve the quality of surgical care at all Louisiana hospitals using a patient-centered approach that is both data-driven and cost-effective. The Collaborative will foster an environment of collaboration, learning, and innovative inquiry in order to achieve its goals.

PSO Protections:

To gain confidentiality protections for the data that is collected, the LaSQC Collaborative will function within the Louisiana Alliance for Patient Safety (LAPS) Patient Safety Organization (PSO); therefore, all participating hospitals will need to be, or become, a member of the LAPS PSO for this collaboration.

Benefits of LaSQC Participation: 

To view the hospital/facility participant benefits of LaSQC, visit the How to Join webpage.



How to Join LaSQC

Hospitals that are interested in participating in the LaSQC Surgical Checklist Safety initiative should complete a Facility Participant Agreement/Commitment Letter. You will immediately join a growing network of community and academic hospitals—large and small, rural and urban—committed to improving healthcare quality and value. Because of generous contributions by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) and the LHA Foundation, the cost of participation will be very reasonable. Contact Angela Lockhart when your hospital is ready to sign a letter of commitment and for fee details. If you are not ready to move forward with a signed agreement but would like to learn more about the collaborative, contact  Dr. Floyd “Flip” Roberts.

Hospital/Facility Participant Benefits

LaSQC offers both hospital participants and their affiliated clinicians and staff a wide range of opportunities for education, innovation, and general quality improvement.* Activities include the following:

  • Updates on the latest evidence-based practices, as well as support and resources for implementing these best practices;
  • In-person kick-off and wrap-up events;
  • Hospital site visits, when applicable, to assist with implementation of evidenced-based practices;
  • Educational opportunities via webinars, in-person meetings and coaching calls during the course of the project; and
  • Data support, including for collection and analysis, and feedback.

*All activities are subject to available resources, funds, and data from data providers and shall be determined at the sole discretion of the LAPS PSO.

LaSQC Member Portal

Access to the LaSQC member portal is available only to those organizations that have completed and signed a member participation agreement and that have designated access. For technical troubleshooting, event submission issues, or to request access, contact Quality Coordinator Angela Lockhart.

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